Journey between cinema and history


EUROPEAN - European training -

Project funded under the European "Erasmus +" education program, training, youth and sport.


HISTORY - Historical memory -

Knowledge through the recovery of memory, our cinema and our history.


MOVING - Cinema -

Combine two experiences: cinema and history, involving public, secondary schools and universities throughout Europe.


Objectives pursued

Innovative learning

Create a transnational partnership with the aim of researching, building and sharing new models, methodologies and learning processes that are flexible, sustainable and innovative.

a new teaching method

Define a new teaching method to support the knowledge and study of history that favors better levels of learning characterized by potential for transferability and elements of sustainability.

enhancement of the European culturaI heritage

Encourage the enhancement of the European culturaI heritage as a shared resouree, to raise awareness of history and common values and strengthen the sense of belonging to a common European area.

intercultural dialogue

Promote participatory approaches for the knowledge of cultural heritage and intercultural dialogue in a formative path of participation between teachers and pupils, to promote in Europe the equality of training and personal growth opportunities, international mobility and promote social inclusion by reducing the risk of school leaving or socio-economic discomfort.

Develop skills and abilities in digital

Develop skills and abilities in digital, linguistic, critical thinking and entrepreneurial culture for job creation, economie growth and social cohesion.

Cinema as an intangible common good

Raise awareness of the importance of the European cultural heritage, and in particular of the Cinema as an intangible common good in the context of a formai and informai learning path of History, particularly from the constitution of the Modem States to the European Union.