The expected results during the implementation of the project are the following:

– lmplementation of the project kick-off meeting (Deliverables: minutes, attendance registers, audio and video recordings, internal and external communication pian, communication instrumental materials, partnership agreement, etc.)

– Development and implementation of the Internal and External lnformation System through traditional and Digitai/ WEB communication systems (Deliverables: Website, Drop-box sharing platform or Google Drive, lnstagram account, Pg Facebook and Twitter, What’up, E- dedicated e-mail and Skype links)

– lmplementation of information, training and locai networking activities (Deriverables: information and communication products,
reports of meetings and ta ks, video and audio materiai, porta registrations, down oad contrai, etc.)

– Conduct of the 1st Transactional Preparatory and Methodological Meeting for Teachers and Trainers (Deliverables: Minutes, Presence registers, Work session reports, Evaluation questionnaires, Final activity evaluation report, audio and video recordings, photographic materiai, products and tools for information and internal and external communication, etc.)

– Conduct ofthe 2nd Transactional Training Meeting for teachers and trainers (d eliverabl es: Minutes, attendance registers, work session reports, evaluation questionnaires, final evaluation report of the activity, operational program of the workshop phase, contest rules, regulations and Selection criteria for participating students with online registration on the Website

– Start-up, development and final evaluation of the student selection activities (Deliverables: Publication of the Regolamte, promotional materiai and online information eoffline, participation model, meetings with students, requests for participation, selection report with list of selected students, communications and registration etc).

– Conduct of the 1st Transnational Workshop of Students (Deliverables: Minutes, Attendance Records, Work Session Reports, Evaluation Questionnaires, lnterviews, Final Activity Evaluation Report, Operational Program of Operational Phase, Contest Rules).

– lmplementation of the lntermediate Project Coordination Meeting (minutes, attendance records, audio and video recordings, internal communication and information materiai, Interim Evaluation Report, Interim Administration and Financial Report, etc.)

– Start-up, development and evaluation ofthe creative-experiential phase and the contest (deliverables: creative-experiential laboratory reports, reports of joint activities in virtual mobility, audiovisual products for the contest, workgroup logos, evaluation tests, questionnaires and interviews, virtual evaluation tools on the Site and Platform, focus group on pg facebook)

The expected results at the end of the project are the following:

– lmplementation of the 3rd Meeting Transactional Training Workshop for teachers and trainers (Minutes, attendance registers,, Data collection and analysis of the tests and of the assessment tools of the training course, Final evaluation reports of the training course, Report of the progress of the Contest, report of the announcement of the winning group, etc.)

– Conduct of the 2nd transnational student workshop (deliverables: Minutes, attendance records, documentation related to the contest, audio-visual minutes of the contest, audio-visual products ..)

– Sharing and editing Methodological Report European History Moving (Deliverables: Label Document + Report, products and tools
of the off-line and online campaign of communication and dissemination of the Label, etc.)

– Sharing and presentation of the collection of audio-visual products (Audio-visual collection)

– lmplementation, sharing and signing of the preliminary agreement to ensure the future sustainability of the Project in the follow- up phase (Deliverables: Document / Agreement signed by the project partners);

– lmplementation of the Final Project Coordination Meeting (minutes, attendance records, audio and video recordings, communication and internal information materiai, Project Final Report (including performance indicators, qualitative and
quantitative components, tangible and intangible), etc).