Teaching is much more than giving theoretical knowledge and assessment tests, it is a vocation dedicated to modeling personalities so that they can become strong individuals with self-confidence and competitive abilities in the various spheres of life. Being a teacher in our school means that our teachers are not only very qualified in their subjects, but it also means that in teaching languages e also understand the knowledge of the history, culture and traditions of the villages, and languages are taught in the our school in order to create a sense of national identity with the knowledge that young people are also active members of the European Union.
The teachers involved in the project have experience in motivating and engaging adolescents to participate in school study courses as well as in various types of extra curricular activities such as theater groups where digitai instruments are used to preparee assica performances and historica dramas of foreign paywrights.
Our teachers have the skills to give positive confidence to students and encourage them to acquire communication skills and group work, tolerance and analytical thinking, useful for real life. Language department teachers are used as mediators between students and adults as well as public and cultural organizations to conduct different activities in public events, conventions and conferences.

The project's coordinator will be Penka Ivanova who was responsible for a group in a school project of the Ministry of Science and Education for severaI years, called "The Magie of Translation", where the students participated as volunteer interpreteurs in the lnternational Festival of Masquerade Games. The Festival performs annually in our city of Pernik and this project gave students the opportunity to improve their English skills and to strengthen their communication skills by exchanging opinions on the culturaI and historical heritage of our city and that of other countries with people of all ages.
Although the project is finished, students continue to participate as volunteers demonstrating that they have achieved sustainable skills. the students used digitai tools to make interviews with foreign participants and reports for locaI TV and for the school newspaper.
Teachers started the construction of the School History Museum. lt traces the history of the school since it was started and houses ali the work of our students and teachers and an honored foreign teacher guest. One of the history teachers who has experience in filmmaking made a video dedicated to the 25th anniversary of our school with the assistance and support of enthusiastic students who invited the principal and other teachers in an exciting final.
Two students participated in the Fesival of Eastern Europe Film Making and won awards for the best text of their film "The Little Prince" which aimed to remove prejudice about racism and immigrants like the mummers when keeping away the forces of the bad in the Festival of Masquerade Games.

Our teachers also have skills in supporting students to challenge skills and competencies not only in the field of languages but also in other subjects such as mathematics, science and information technology and they have provided them with ali the skills to deal with other aspects of life like the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross or sports competitions such as: teamwork, responsibility and tolerance, that are universal values that make students understand that despite the diversity of individuals, ethnic or religious beliefs, we are all united as part of the global world.
Our school is currently engaged in an Erasmus project called "Teachers in Action". English teachers take part in training courses in the UK to improve language skills and exchange good practices with colleagues from other European countries. This will allow them to strengthen their self-confidence and make them more motivated to apply innovative methodologies in the educational process.
Senior teachers in Science and Technology are waiting to participate in similar courses next summer. Some outputs of this project were open-door lectures by observers with a subsequent discussion with other colleagues and experts from the Regional Educational Authority. We are also partners in an "Observe, Learn, lmplement" project with instructors from Latvia that gives an international character to the project and promotes the dissemination of results.