UCAM is a private university with 20 years of history and over 16,000 students offering 24 major officiai European diplomas, 35 Masters programs, 17 doctoral programs and other prestigious degrees. His teaching method is based on personalized attention with students reduced by class and a persona! tutor for each student. UCAM also offers a modem distance teaching system.
UCAM is strongly linked to the world of work through curricula adapted to market needs, mandatory intemships in institutions and companies in every program and research programs in collaboration with large regional, national and multinational companies.
UCAM has a special culturaI and historical environment. lts main campus is located in the 17th-century Jeronimos Monastery, where infrastructures and workshops previde UCAM students with excellent facilities to leam practical skills. Everything is for the benefit of the students, which are the main concem of UCAM.
The UCAM is an institution in dialogue with the modem world for the purpose of improving human society as a whole. This spirit is made visible in personalized lessons with a small number of students and persona! tutors for each student.
UCAM shares its values through academic subjects, volunteer projects, meetings, congresses and seminars.

The main objectives of UCAM in the development of its activity are:
• To teach higher education as a vehicle for science, technology, culture and as a training method for researchers and preparation of professionals who can help in the development ofthe individuai, the family and society.
• Contribute to the cultural, social and economic development of society and to the creation of conditions to improve the quality of life and the environment by developing the skills of students as individuals and members of a society to which they must serve.
• Updating of his qualifications and teaching and non-teaching services in order to meet the expectations and needs of extemal clients and students, guaranteeing a future.
• Promote relationships with other universities and companies to previde students with opportunities, specializations and professional research in a world without borders.
• Promote integral education.
• Maintain personalized teaching, encouraging persona! autonomy, teamwork and direct relationship between teacher and student.
• lncrease student employability.